Firm Foundations Class

Whether you are a new believer or a longtime follower of Christ, this class is for those looking to build a strong foundation that no storm in life will prevail against.  Learn how to cultivate a heart that is shaped and guided by the knowledge of God’s Word.  The Firm Foundations class utilizes a resource called The Purple Book; a twelve-part Bible study keyed to the TNIV, designed to help you stand firm and grow strong in the Christian life.  Take the challenge to build the foundation of your life on the Word of God!

Firm Foundations class is held on Tuesdays at the church from 5:45pm to 6:45pm.  To enroll, go to our Contact page and fill out the message form.  Type "Firm Foundations Class" in the subject field, and you can add any questions you might have about the class in the message field.  We will respond to confirm your registration and provide further enrollment details.